gymnastics tryout/birthday party

Yesterday I had gymnastics tryouts to see if I could move up to a higher class. I was there for three hours. It was fun. I also went to a colonial birthday party.

On Friday night we watched Gulliver's Travels it was three hours & 7 Minutes long!

Sorry I cant write any more, I have to clean my bird's cage
well bye for now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


horse back riding

today I had horse back riding I stood on a horses back for the first time I brought home some hay. it got everywhere in my car. today my mom did a post about picture books it was awesome. it had descriptions of books like the important book. and the little island. or red light green light. any way I think it was good. it had pretty pictures from the books . right now my mom is reading a picture book. sorry I posted so late well I better go because I have to go to bed.

well good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My dad put this song on while I was on the computer and everyone danced:

And he put this song on, too--my mom said while she was pregnant with me they used to dance to it.:


Welcome To my Blog

dear readers I hope you like my blog. I had a good day. I went over to my friends house to play . They have a trampoline. We played a board game. We played two times -I lost both times we played. We also played house.

well good bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!