If you think girl gymnasts are daring watch this WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is him on high bar COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is him on parellel bars

this is him on pommel horse

this is him on rings

this is him on vault



michael fracis foley born wensday morning 6:17 AM He is 7 pounds 15 oz
and 20 Inches. He is the cutest thing since teddy bears. I don't have any pics but I will try to find some.


gym meet!!!!!!!!!!

About a week ago I had a gymnastics meet or competition.
A 10.0 is the highest score possible
  1. on bars I got a nine I got a second place medal.
  2. on beam I got a eight I got a first place medal.
  3. on floor I got a nine I got a second place medal.
  4. on vault I got a nine I got a second place medal.

out of forty girls!!!!!!!!!!!!


New House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we finally sold our house. we aren't going to move till next month though. the house we are going to live in is awesome me and my sister Jane are going to share a room my brother Tim gets to have his own room (LUCKY) my sister Bernadette and my brother Andrew are going to share a room. We will have a play room witch is pretty cool i think. we will have a awesome yard and a great climbing tree.I don't have any pictures yet but some time I will try to post some soon. I don't have much more time but I will try to post some more things soon. oh and also something I like about the house is it has lots of pretty paintings all over the house and it comes with a really cool swing. there is a place for are trampoline there aren't quite as many climbing trees but that Dosent really matter. Well its time for me to go now but i will post again soon.

bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy



So Sorry

Sorry I haven't posted anything I a while

well I have to go to a play at the classic center bye


star wars according to a 3 year old

you may have seen star wars but you may not have seen it like this
you may be the ultimate star wars fan but I think you will like this
even more like this.


Comment please

anybody that reads this post has to Comment on it


Toddler's Property Rules

Rule 1. If I like it, it is mine.
Rule 2. If it is in my hands, it is mine
Rule 3. If I can take it from you, it is mine.
Rule 4. If I had it a little while ago, it is mine.
Rule 5. If it is mine, it must not appear to be yours in any way.
Rule 6. If I am doing or building something, all the pieces are mine.
Rule 7. If it looks just like mine, it is mine.
Rule 8. If its broken it's yours.



pixar is amazing. its been around for a long time pixar created things like:cars WALL-E the incredible s and many more. but the meaning of it is to entertain people.


what did you have for breakfast

dear readers I have a question for you what did you have for breakfast

I had a bowl of frosted flakes. now what did you have.


finger sized Monkeys so cute

these little guys are so cute.
they're just something I thought was both cute and funny