little people

I have discovered little people that live in our house. Thar's a mommy a daddy a sister a brother and a baby. And almost every night I leave food and beds for them and one night the fairies left me a tiny note and it said: thank you. and I knew that there were fairies in our house. If any of you leave food or drink for fairies tell them I said Hi. And if you don't, I suggest you start soon. But if you do here's something you should leave them. You should leave them a note that says :dear fairies I hope you like the food. love , your secret friend. Some times I knit them little scarfs. And at Christmas I got some snow flakes and put them around their beds. And well here's some advice for you all: Be kind to your fairies!


what are you knitting

If you know how to knit I have a question for you, what are you knitting? And if you don't,well that's OK,but I suggest that you learn. It's really fun. And I guess your question is -what would you like to have someone knit for you, or what would you knit if you knew how? Well have a good day and a good bye!


my sister's birthday

today is my sister's birthday. there's lots of decorations. she got a lot of presents and it's not done yet. my grandmother still has to give her a present. tomorrow she is going to have a little party with her to friends Hope and Stella. there's going to be a little tea party. there's also going to be a pinata originally their were a whole lot of / like Dora/princesses/ well you get the point well bye for now.


gymnastics winnings

a couple months ago I was in a gymnastics meet. I won three events out of four. and first place all around witch means all my scores put together.
and I would like it if you would answer this question have you ever done anything that was really exiting?



my feast day

Today is my feast day, St. Lucy's Day. I got three presents. a pair of bamboo knitting needles & ''5'' skeins of yarn. purple feathery yarn. blue feathery yarn. & yellow yarn. and some purple & blue yarn. Right now I am knitting with the purple feathery yarn. I am also knitting a scarf that alternates red and black. in a little wile I am going to my grandmothers house.
well bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


funny jokes

  1. why do snowmen hate sports? because they have to warm up
  2. what did one eye say to the other eye? in between us something smells
  3. what's the best thing to put into fresh fruit? your teeth
  4. what smells most on the earth? your nose
  5. what do you change when you go home? your direction
  6. what flower is on your face? tulips
  7. why did the man freeze his money? he wanted the cold hard cash
  8. why can't you tell the ice a joke? it will crack up
  9. what do you need to open a door? a closed door
  10. why couldn't the sailors play cards? because the captain was standing on the deck
  11. why did the little boy take a pencil to bed? he wanted to draw the curtains
  12. what's brown and hairy and wears sunglasses? a coconut on vacation
  13. what do you call it when you see a fruit punch and cereal box? a food fight
  14. why should you never tell secrets in a grocery store? because potatoes have eyes and corn has ears and beanstalk
  15. where did the house go on vacation? to a topical island